Docker registry auth issues

I ran into an issue today when scripting a setup for a private docker registry and I ended up wasting a few hours on it. I'm hoping this post can save a few people the same headaches. After setting up a docker registry with authentication following most of what was in I was confronted with a rather... Continue Reading →

Xcode handy key bindings

This is a tiny postlet on some key combinations I have found handy while using Xcode. I'll update this as I run into more invaluable shortcuts. shift + cmd + o - Quickly open file shift + cmd + j - Reveal in project navigator ctrl + cmd + up / down - Jump to next counterpart (ex.... Continue Reading →

Message ordering in the face of failure

Another day learning and coding and another interesting problem! While designing a distributed message queue, I decided to use vector clocks to preserve message ordering when producers are talking to a different quorum of nodes. You can see some of my conclusions in a previous post titled Vector clocks and quorum consensus. Vector clocks do seem to... Continue Reading →

Staying on the horse

Software development can be exciting. We learn new things. We get to explore new ideas and see them come to life. Software allows us to share our talents with people from all over the world. We get to see the things we create  put to use sometimes in ways that we never considered. But software... Continue Reading →

Discovering C++11

It seems that while I was off in the land of C# and C++/CLI, something really awesome happened in the C++ world. The C++0x standard was ratified and became C++11. Not only that, but there seems to already be wide support for the vast majority of features in modern compilers! I think C++11 puts C++... Continue Reading →

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