My history with InWorldz

[The following was given to the organizers at the InWorldz 6th birthday celebration. I'm pasting it here for those that haven't been able to read it] In 2009 I lost my father at the early age of 60. I had a pretty rough job where I was going 12 hrs a day on average on business software. It... Continue Reading →

Reality check on opensim stats

As I suspected would happen, a recent article on hypergrid business has people speculating that the opensim metaverse is crowding out and outgrowing commercial grids and will now all of a sudden take off without them. So I did some fact finding and found something very interesting. There has indeed been growth in opensim grids... Continue Reading →

Virtual worlds – It’s how you use them

Virtual worlds.. They've been tried They didn't catch on They will remain a niche I don't think so, but why haven't they caught on yet? The problem isn't "cartoon class" visuals. Heck, there are iPhone and Android games that aren't even 3d, let alone providing cinema class visuals. That hasn't stopped them from becoming insanely popular... Continue Reading →

Distributed messaging failure modes

[this is a brainstorming document and implementations are subject to, and will most likely change during development.] I have a good understanding of a few distributed storage systems that use consistent hashing and quorum reads/writes to load balance, scale out, and provide fault tolerance, and wanted to apply some of these ideas to my own projects. In... Continue Reading →

A world distracted

As an owner in a virtual world venture, I am tasked with not only predicting the future directions of virtual world consumers and virtual reality, but also to make decisions that we hope will be able to help guide the course of things to come. These times will be seen as the infancy or pre-infancy... Continue Reading →

A storm on the horizon

Recently an important announcement was made by the FCC in regard to what is known as "net neutrality". The principal behind net neutrality is simple: no entity on the internet should be treated more or less favorably by internet service providers when it comes to traffic flow. Small companies pushing out 1 mbit/s should have their... Continue Reading →

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