Docker registry auth issues

I ran into an issue today when scripting a setup for a private docker registry and I ended up wasting a few hours on it. I’m hoping this post can save a few people the same headaches.

After setting up a docker registry with authentication following most of what was in I was confronted with a rather annoying message on my console:

Error response from daemon: no successful auth challenge for https://registry:5000/v2/ - errors: [basic auth attempt to https://registry:5000/v2/ realm "Registry Realm" failed with status: 401 Unauthorized]

Unauthorized seemed pretty clear, so I checked the user’s htpasswd again, and recreated the htpasswd file:

htpasswd -bc /opt/docker-registry/auth/htpasswd username password

That didn’t work. I knew that there’s no way I messed up the username/password again, so I took a look at the output from the docker container hosting the registry:

time="2016-01-18T00:04:59Z" level=warning msg="error authorizing context: basic authentication challenge for realm \"Registry Realm\": authentication failured" go.version=go1.5.2 http.request.remoteaddr="" http.request.uri="/v2/" http.request.useragent="docker/1.9.1 go/go1.4.3 git-commit/a34a1d5 kernel/4.1.13-boot2docker os/linux arch/amd64" version=v2.2.1

The “authentication failured” type was actually extremely useful, it lead me right to the go source code that produced the error:


So, it looked like this was definitely a run of the mill auth error. After confirming the process could indeed read my htpasswd file, I took a closer look at the source code..


“Only bcrypt hash entries are supported”

…. CRAP! I forgot to use -B on my command line options for htpasswd..

htpasswd -cbB /opt/docker-registry/auth/htpasswd username password

Fixed my issue, and the world was lovely again!

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