We walk through life leaving pieces of ourselves scattered about.

Everyone we come in contact with, the people that laugh with us, the people we care for and love, those we hurt, those who are hurt indirectly by our actions, those we care for, and those we would die for.

A piece here, a little piece there, traces of us.

Some of the the pieces we leave are an echo. Self sustaining. Created as a living form all their own requiring no support from us. A smile, a hug for someone in need, a kind word when someone least expects it. These small things can blossom into happiness all on their own and stay with someone a long time. Echos of you, the small things that you’ll be remembered by that have helped others through their day. These are easy to give, require little risk, and often come with great reward. We’re all fighting a battle. We can all use some help. Make a point to leave echos everywhere you go.

The other pieces we give are more complex. They are difficult to part with because losing them leaves us vulnerable. We give these to only our most trusted friends and family. They require effort to support and once we give them, we’re left with an empty space if a time comes when we can no longer put energy into them. Losing the people we’ve given these pieces to can be devastating, as these are the most precious parts of ourselves. It hurts to lose these pieces, but giving them away is the key to wonder and happiness, love and brotherhood, family and fraternity.

Don’t be afraid. Leave a trace. Make it wonderful.

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