Reality check on opensim stats

As I suspected would happen, a recent article on hypergrid business has people speculating that the opensim metaverse is crowding out and outgrowing commercial grids and will now all of a sudden take off without them.

So I did some fact finding and found something very interesting.

There has indeed been growth in opensim grids over the past 3 years, but it has been dismally small. Until people come to terms with this and start advertising their grids (be them free or commercial) this trend will continue. Of the growth that has occurred since 2011, the majority of it has happened on the back of InWorldz.

Using the statistics provided to me by Maria Korolov, I tracked total active user growth for all known opensim grids between December 2011 and December 2014. Are you ready for this?

Total opensim active users growth 2011-2014:

  • 5,043 users (yuck. for comparison over 7700 people have purchased minecraft in the past 24 hours)

Total InWorldz active users growth 2011-2014:

  • 2,803 or about 56% of the total for all new active users

If I go back to our peak a few months ago of over 8300 active users, we account for an even larger percentage.

I understand there are many out there that for one reason or another don’t like InWorldz, but between our continuing small marketing pushes on facebook, and our largest advertising campaign ever coming in the next few weeks, we contribute to a great degree to the inflow of new users to the opensim platform. Our servers and staff have taken care of over 100,000 registered users and we have a lot of lessons learned because of it, which we’re sharing as we can. Starting more infighting over dismal numbers isn’t going to grow the opensim VR space.

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  1. Well I’m not an Inworldz fan or member, but I share your sentiments, numbers mean nothing Unless we understand the behaviour of these stats. Revenue on a commercial grid would be your real measure of activity. I read so many interpretations of so many stats with respect to new, existing and active users across the metaverse, including SecondLife. Much of the speculation usually centres around new accounts. I have many new accounts and I might open them for any number of reasons on multiple grids and have been doing so since 2006 and in opensim since 2008. I’m also a bit seasonal in that sometimes I inhabit one grid pretty exclusively, but will also have regions on other grids at the same time and my time spent on any of these will be largely determined by the performance of said grid and not the activity of its residence, although a sense of community is always a nice touch. Any problems and I jump ship without even taking a breath. So my presence will neither be missed or felt as my avatar/s accounts are already set. I don’t think I’m unique in this. What is more important is the focus of a grid, how it identifies itself and what moves it makes to improve the platform, some grids are no more than an overblown Diva distro, most will not partake of code development. Personally I would like to see ratings by users as opposed figures or stats released by grids.

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