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Mint Tin Games

I had the fortune of getting an early copy of SubQuark’s Mint Tin Games, and we’ve now spent a bit of time playing them. I have to say I’m super impressed with the quality of the games, as well as their playability and replay value.

Mint Tin Games are quick and easy to learn card games that fit in your pocket. They’re designed to provide fast action when you need to kill 10 minutes of time and don’t feel like staring at the internet. They’re super fun and even playing the game with adults has proven extremely satisfying. We’ll be keeping these around for snowed in days.

You can see the kickstarter for mint tin games here. If you like the idea, hurry up and pitch in a few bucks! It’s only running for one more week!

Mint Tin Pirates

Min Tin Pirates starts off rather innocently. You’re a pirate doing pirate like things on the high seas. Your days of plundering have been going well and your crew is rowdy and ready for action. Just when you think you’ll be off to take another merchant ship filled with booty, you encounter your arch nemesis Capt. Red or Capt. Black (depending on which one you happen to be).

A battle ensues, each player draws 5 cards from the deck. When you get a pair of matching attack cards, you roll the dice to determine if your attack is successful or not. Being pirates, you have a wealth of deadly weapons on hand. Your arsenal includes cannons, bombs, knives, and pistols. Only cannons can directly damage the opponent’s ship. The other attacks send his crew mates to Davey Jones’ locker. You both know full well that without a crew, the ship is as good as sunk.

Mint Tin Pirates - Game in progress
Mint Tin Pirates – Game in progress

Amidst the fighting, you notice that one of your opponent’s crew has decided desert and join your band of buccaneers. Clearly you are the superior captain. However, much to your shock and dismay, some sorcery has brought back one of your opponents crew from the murky depths. Between the desertion, and the resurrection, you consider this round a draw. But the battle isn’t over until the other captain has no crew, or his ship is sunk!

Once the smoke has cleared, the score is tallied. The pirate who’s ship is still floating, or who has the most resources left (including possibly the gold!) wins the game.

Mint Tin Pirates - Black wins
Mint Tin Pirates – Black wins


Mint Tin Pirates has enough twists and turns to keep the game fun and interesting through the very fast gameplay. Even though the game mechanics are very simple, you will never play the same game twice. Even better, I noticed that due to the speed of gameplay, though I was on the majority losing side, it didn’t sting so much and kept me wanting to come back for another chance to get even, and get the gold.

You definitely need to check this game out. It makes a great distraction and a lot of fun on camping trips, or long flights.


Subquark’s blog: http://blog.subquark.com/mint-tin-pirates-overview/

The kickstarter:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subquark/mint-tin-games-pirates-and-aliens

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