Virtual worlds – It’s how you use them

Virtual worlds.. They've been tried They didn't catch on They will remain a niche I don't think so, but why haven't they caught on yet? The problem isn't "cartoon class" visuals. Heck, there are iPhone and Android games that aren't even 3d, let alone providing cinema class visuals. That hasn't stopped them from becoming insanely popular... Continue Reading →

Staying on the horse

Software development can be exciting. We learn new things. We get to explore new ideas and see them come to life. Software allows us to share our talents with people from all over the world. We get to see the things we create  put to use sometimes in ways that we never considered. But software... Continue Reading →

Code generation with cog

I was always taught that if you find yourself repeating the same basic code over and over again, even with minor variations, you're probably not taking full advantage of the tools made available to you by your programming language of choice. In many cases this is true. For example, in C++, you can use templates to... Continue Reading →

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