Banana cinnamon protein shake

[editied! oops forgot the whey protein in the recipe, see below] While I was looking around online for some new smoothie and protein shake recipes, I found a link to Hugh Jackman's wolverine workout routine and diet. Contained in the article was a protein shake that had banana, crushed cashews and cinnamon. I adapted it... Continue Reading →

Thine own self

Are you the person that you promised yourself you would be when you grew up? How many compromises were made on your way to adulthood to try to make your life work? I'm not talking about the insignificant things like that time you promised yourself you'd have your own private jet by the time you were... Continue Reading →

A world distracted

As an owner in a virtual world venture, I am tasked with not only predicting the future directions of virtual world consumers and virtual reality, but also to make decisions that we hope will be able to help guide the course of things to come. These times will be seen as the infancy or pre-infancy... Continue Reading →

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