A storm on the horizon

Recently an important announcement was made by the FCC in regard to what is known as "net neutrality". The principal behind net neutrality is simple: no entity on the internet should be treated more or less favorably by internet service providers when it comes to traffic flow. Small companies pushing out 1 mbit/s should have their... Continue Reading →

Virtual world thoughts

I just got home this afternoon from a show in Toronto. It was a leg on Armin Van Buuren's "Intense" tour. The display of music combined with stunning visuals and effects really reminded me of the power of virtual worlds and all the wonder they can bring. Armin's shows always sell to capacity and just... Continue Reading →

Think before you act (or code)

When you have a good idea, there is a huge temptation to just jump right into it and get started. When the project you're working on is tiny and guaranteed never to grow beyond that, jumping right in may even be the most effective way to get the task done. But when you have a large... Continue Reading →

Asynchrony and C#

I am currently rewriting connection handling and related code for InWorldz, and I'm changing most of it to be async because many of the operations that have to complete end up waiting for network I/O. I've written a few of our other services in C++ following async programming patterns using Boost.Asio, and although following program flow and making sure... Continue Reading →

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