Virtual worlds and virtual reality

I can't help but to be both excited and concerned about the recent acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook.┬áMany of the initial reactions were kneejerk, and a bit over the top, but at the same time they should not be written off. Once we get over the feeling of betrayal from backers due to the... Continue Reading →

Programming for.. relaxation?

Sometimes after a long 12 hour day of software development I like to sit back, relax, and... do more software development. I never said I was normal. I've always had a huge interest in embedded and constrained systems. I have an Arduino microcontroller that I've done a bunch of projects on to teach myself more... Continue Reading →

Learning to float

Every day I learn more and more about myself. I analyze the events of my life and try to make sense of it. I try to see the patterns in the chaos. I choose the directions I want to go in. I do my best to blaze a trail that will lead to success, happiness,... Continue Reading →

Here’s looking at you

I recently had to rewrite an LSL function that wasn't working properly for InWorldz. This involved a bit of vector math and then finally throwing in the creation and use of a rotation quaternion. Since I know that quaternion rotations and the math behind translations between coordinate spaces can seem like voodoo to someone just... Continue Reading →

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