Why a virtual world?

I'd like to start this post off with an interesting graphic. A simple iPhone game called "flappy bird" has attracted explosive attention in the past few months. Created by an independent game studio in Vietnam, this game went viral before the publisher removed it from the app store. If the game wouldn't have been removed,... Continue Reading →

C++11 Reference Capture

In a recent post I began exploring some of the features that have popped up in C++11 since I've been on a mostly .NET and C++/CLI path lately with InWorldz projects. One of the features I mentioned was the new lambda syntax available in C++11. C++11 allows you to automatically capture variables that you use inside... Continue Reading →

Virtual machine state transfer

On the InWorldz grid to run user created dynamic content we designed a script engine called Phlox. Phlox executes scripts that are written in the LSL scripting language. The script engine consists of a bytecode compiler, a virtual machine, and a runtime environment that provides scripts with access to fast execution and functions that manipulate the state of... Continue Reading →

Programming in isolation

When I was a kid, I used to love coming home from school and messing around with my computer. I remember being 12 years old sitting in front of an IBM PS/2 model 25. 640k of ram was all I would need to explore the machine and learn as much as I could about how... Continue Reading →

Discovering C++11

It seems that while I was off in the land of C# and C++/CLI, something really awesome happened in the C++ world. The C++0x standard was ratified and became C++11. Not only that, but there seems to already be wide support for the vast majority of features in modern compilers! I think C++11 puts C++... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie

Let's get this blog started off right. With some food! I've been making breakfast smoothies of all different kinds off and on for years now. Smoothies are an easy and quick meal, require very little prep, and are pretty easy to clean up after. This makes them ideal for my mornings where I wake up... Continue Reading →

Getting started

I've wanted to start a blog for a long time. I love twitter, but sometimes there is just too much coming out of my head to put in 140 characters. I plan to use this space for both technical/engineering posts as well as my personal views of the world and things that I see going... Continue Reading →

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